Probate and Administration of Estates Solicitors

We can support you through administering an estate or handle the whole process for you

For two centuries, our clients have trusted us to help them make a will during their lifetime, to take care of the administration of their estates after their death and ensure that their estates are distributed according to their wishes when they are gone.

We guide our clients through the process of probate.  This entails bringing in any money owed, settling outstanding debts, including unpaid tax and seeking a Grant of Representation from the Probate Office.  Only then can the remaining assets be distributed to the beneficiaries of the will.

In cases where a loved one has left no will, and named no executor, we can help their relatives to manage the process in the most effective way possible.

Our specialist solicitors have extensive experience in managing the process of probate. No estate is too large, complex or unusual for our team to handle.  Our approach is rigorous but pragmatic, recognising that no two estates are alike and that the degree of advice and support that clients require can vary enormously.  Our team responds flexibly to each situation, sometimes agreeing a fixed fee at the outset depending on the scope of work.

We typically help clients through all aspects of the estate administration process from beginning to end, including:

  • Ensuring the appropriate valuation of the estate for Probate and Inheritance Tax purposes
  • Liaising with the Probate Registry for a Grant of Representation to allow executors the power to deal with the estate
  • Undertaking administration on an estate according to the deceased person’s wishes
  • Dividing up assets to beneficiaries in accordance with the wishes of the deceased (or as dictated by law if there is no will)
  • Guiding clients through the Rules of Intestacy if the deceased has no will
  • Managing aspects of inheritance tax and capital gains tax for beneficiaries
  • Collecting monies owed to the estate from third parties and paying debts owed by the estate
  • Transferring assets such as property, shares in businesses, land, or other investment out of the estate in the most tax-efficient way.

Case Studies

  • Advising on business property relief during administration of an estate.
  • Undertaking administration of a rural estate for an elderly landowner with a complex will.
  • Reducing the inheritance tax bill during the administration of an estate by ensuring that all relevant allowances had been claimed.


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