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We give you confidence your wealth will be protected for future generations

Whether you want to clarify what happens to your assets on your death or to make arrangements for distributing your assets while you are still alive, Longmores Solicitors can help you direct your affairs in full confidence that your assets will pass in accordance with your wishes.

Throughout our two-century history our experienced solicitors have been trusted to give clear and objective advice to thousands of individuals and families from all walks of life and with very different personal circumstances and needs.

Our experienced and specialist team of solicitors handle a wide variety of issues including:

  • Drafting wills and letters of intent to help individuals define how their estate will be distributed on death
  • Updating wills following milestone events such as marriage, divorce, having children, buying property or inheriting money from relatives
  • Inheritance tax – advising on the most tax efficient way to structure wills and legacies
  • Scenario planning so that your interests will be protected and wishes adhered to, no matter how your future plays out
  • Advising on charitable giving and legacies so part of your wealth can benefit the wider community
  • Establishing Trusts for a wide range of purposes
  • Creating Lasting Powers of Attorney to enable decisions to be taken on your behalf should you lose the capacity to do so yourself
  • Probate (including contested probate)
  • Issues affecting older and vulnerable people.

Our approach prioritises sensitivity and integrity in giving you realistic and objective assessment of your options.  We enable you to make informed decisions on the best course of action.

Case Studies

  • Managing complex asset structures during administration of a farm owner’s estate.
  • Advising on the ongoing administration of a trust to minimise inheritance tax liability.
  • Preparing wills for a couple who have a child with learning difficulties.
  • Advising on a complex estate with overseas properties.


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