From 2023 to 1993

  1. 2023

    Chris Pease becomes Deputy Chair of the Trustees of Hertford Museum and continues his role as Deputy Vice Chair of the Trustees of Hertfordshire Festival of Music.

  2. 2020

    Chris Pease follows in the footsteps of former Longmores’ partners as the Deputy Under Sheriff of Hertfordshire until 2023.

  3. 2019

    Longmores celebrate the 200 year anniversary of the firm.

    Longmores 22 anniversary logo
  4. 2017

    Richard Gvero and Chris Pease become joint senior partners.

    Richard Gvero
    Chris Pease
  5. 2000

    Richard Gvero, Chris Pease and Liz Gallop join in partnership with Anna Baptist, Graham Field and Richard Taylor.

  6. 1993

    Nigel Longmore dies, the last family member to be a partner in the firm.


From 1985 to 1942

  1. 1985

    Anna Baptist, Graham Field and Richard Taylor are all partners at the firm.

  2. 1972

    Nigel Longmore is appointed Under Sheriff, Deputy Lieutenant of Hertfordshire and Clerk to the Commissioner of Taxes.

    Nigel Longmore
  3. 1960

    Charles John Nigel Longmore, son of John Alexander, joins the firm.

  4. 1948

    John Alexander Longmore is appointed Under Sheriff of Hertfordshire.

  5. 1942

    John Alexander Longmore is appointed Deputy Director of the Home Guard & Territorial Army at the War Office until 1945.

    John Alexander Longmore


From 1930 to 1914

  1. 1930

    Philip Elton Longmore becomes Clerk to Hertfordshire County Council and Clerk of the Peace.

  2. 1926

    Sir Charles Elton Longmore is made a Commander of the Most Honourable Order of Bath.

  3. 1921

    John Alexander Longmore, son of Sir Charles Elton, joins the firm.

  4. 1917

    Philip Raynsford Longmore is awarded an OBE. The firm becomes known as Longmores.

    Longmores office building
  5. 1914

    Sir Charles Elton Longmore becomes President of the Law Society.


From 1913 to 1900

  1. 1913

    Charles Elton Longmore is made Knight Commander of the Order of the Bath (KCB) in the Birthday Honours List.

  2. 1912

    Philip Elton Longmore, son of Charles Elton, joins his father and uncle at the firm.

    Phillip Elton Longmore
  3. 1906

    Charles Elton Longmore is appointed Under Sheriff, Returning Officer for the County and Clerk to the Commissioners of Taxes Hertford Hundred. Philip Raynsford Longmore becomes the Deputy Coroner.

  4. 1901

    Philip Raynsford Longmore, brother of Charles, joins the practice.

  5. 1900

    Charles Elton Longmore becomes Registrar of Hertford County Court.


From 1890 to 1851

  1. 1890

    Charles Elton Longmore becomes Town Clerk, County Treasurer, Deputy Under Sheriff, Deputy Coroner and Clerk to the Commissioners of Taxes.

  2. 1879

    Charles Elton Longmore, son of Matthew, joins the firm.

  3. 1863

    Matthew Skinner Longmore is appointed Clerk to Hertford Borough Justices and the County Bench of Hertford Petty Sessional Division.

  4. 1853

    Matthew Skinner Longmore, son of Philip, joins the partnership.

  5. 1851

    Philp Longmore is appointed Under Sheriff, Clerk to the Magistrates Division of Hertford & Welwyn, Clerk to the Commissioner of Taxes for the Hundred of Broadwater and Commissioners of Property Tax for the Division of Hertford.


From 1841 to 1819

  1. 1841

    Philip Longmore enters into partnership with Thomas Sworder.

  2. 1825

    George Nicholson is appointed Under Sheriff beginning a long standing connection between the firm and the office of the High Sheriff of Hertfordshire.

  3. 1824

    Nicholson & Longmore move their office to Castle Street for the first time.

  4. 1822

    Philip Longmore becomes the first of the family to give his name to the partnership alongside George Nicholson.

    Phillip Longmore
  5. 1819

    The first Longmore joined the firm that was to become known as Longmores Solicitors.