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Personal Disputes

We will fight your corner if you face a dispute

Whether you need to bring a claim against another individual or business, or find yourself having to defend yourself against a claim, our expert and highly experienced dispute resolution solicitors can help you to:

  • Assess your options
  • Understand your likelihood of success
  • Take an informed decision on the best course of action and
  • Fight your corner, especially if alternative resolution approaches such as mediation prove unsuccessful.

We help individuals in all walks of life, regardless of the nature of their dispute. Our typical clients include:

  • Individuals facing bankruptcy proceedings or looking to recover unpaid debts
  • Individuals facing disputes regarding wills, contracts or intellectual property (IP)
  • Disputes between neighbours, landlords and tenants, or with others concerning property
  • Individuals facing harassment
  • Families of individuals who have suffered a serious or fatal accident that was not their fault
  • Shareholders in smaller, especially family owned companies, who are dissatisfied with that company’s management
  • Former directors of insolvent companies who the company‘s creditors or liquidators are attempting to hold personally liable for debts of the company.

We recognise that going to law over a dispute is not something people do lightly.  We take the time to understand the issues underlying the dispute and what really matters to you.  We help you to understand your options and take an informed decision as how best to proceed. 

Our approach is robust and no-nonsense but pragmatic.  Where possible, we encourage clients to use alternative approaches to dispute resolution, such as mediation, in order to produce the best result possible whilst keeping costs under control.


Meet the Head of Disputes – John Wiblin

John is the head of Longmores’ dispute resolution practice.  As well as being a registered solicitor, John holds higher rights of audience, entitling him to appear in the English court system just like a barrister.  He is also an accredited mediator and Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Arbitrators.

What does he like about working for Longmores?

“My team and I are passionate about our work, which we carry out to exacting standards. When clients decide to take a case forward, we fiercely advocate their interests.”


Examples of our work:

Securing an injunction during a property access dispute. Our client, the son of a deceased haulier had an agreement from his father that he would be able to operate from the yard throughout his lifetime. We applied for an injunction to prevent our client being removed from his place of business by his mother-in-law to whom the property had been left in the father’s will.

Bringing a claim for damages against a local NHS Trust on behalf of the widow of an appendicitis patient, who suffered complications resulting from his treatment.  During his time in hospital, he became agitated and tried to end his own life.  Following transfer to a different ward, he threw himself out of an open window causing fatal injuries. A claim by our client against the NHS Trust resulted in admission of liability and a significant six figure pay out.

Acting for the parents of a teenage boy in a claim regarding unpaid school fees, brought by a leading independent school.  Our clients asserted that the school was in breach of contract as it failed to comply with its own policies and procedures regarding child safeguarding.  The school had diagnosed our client’s son with a medical condition he did not possess, and subsequently treated him accordingly.


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John Wiblin

Partner and Head of Dispute Resolution

John Wagstaffe

Senior Solicitor specialising in Property Disputes

Lauren MacKenzie

Senior solicitor specialising in Dispute Resolution and Mediation

Hayley Grantham

Solicitor specialising in Property Disputes

Polja Atkins

Associate of CILEX

John's knowledge is superb. He also takes the time to explain the legal jargon so it is easy to understand what is happening and the consequences of action
  • Senior Buying Manager, food retailer
  • About: John Wiblin
John was engaged by my company on a contract law problem, which went to High Court and we won the day. I found John to be tremendously supportive throughout the process, gave very clear precise advice and organised extremely professional Counsel representation.
  • Managing Director, engineering equipment manufacturer
  • About: John Wiblin