Paulette Jones

Trust Manager

Paulette has been responsible for the Administration of a large variety of Trusts at Longmores for over ten years, assisting and advising trustees and beneficiaries with the day to day administration and compliance issues involved.

She also assists clients with their personal tax situations, including completion and on-line submission of their Personal Tax Returns.

Paulette has recently been acting for clients on the following matters:

  • Day to day administration of trusts, such as payment of school fees, payment of income to beneficiaries and preparing Certificates of Income, long term projections of income and expenditure, facilitating Trustees’ meetings and liaising with Financial Advisers with regard to the investments of the trusts
  • Completion of Annual Trust Accounts, Trust and Estate Tax Returns and on-line submission of the returns directly to H M Revenue & Customs and payment of tax due
  • Completion of further HMRC paperwork where required such as 10 Year Anniversary forms and termination of trusts
  • Dealing with the compliance issues involved with trusts such as:
    • Registration with HMRC’s Trust Registration Service
    • Complying with financial regulations such as FATCA and MiFIDII on behalf of the trustees

“Thank you for being so efficient as always – much appreciated.”

“Thank you for your excellent and prompt help with this matter.”