Cohabitation Dispute Solicitors

We find positive ways to resolve disputes between cohabiting partners

Cohabiting couples – that is couples who live together, but who are not married or in a civil partnership – have very few legal rights against each other in the event of a break-up unless they have previously entered in to a Cohabitation Agreement together.

If your relationship breaks down irretrievably it can be difficult to manage the fallout, especially if there are shared assets involved, such as property, joint bank accounts or other joint investments.  One person is likely to move out, leaving the other with the full benefit of the property but both may still be burdened by a joint mortgage.

Our specialist dispute resolution solicitors will work with you (and, where appropriate, in conjunction with our Family team) to understand your personal circumstances and the options available.

Where possible, we try to find an alternative resolution, such as mediation or arbitration, rather than embark on a time-consuming and potentially costly litigation process.

If you have previously entered into a cohabitation agreement, then the courts will usually take this into account when making any settlement or award.

Between our Dispute Resolution and Family teams, we can help with:

  • Disputes about shared assets such as property or investments
  • Disputes regarding access to and custody of children
  • Disputes regarding ongoing liabilities such as mortgage payments
  • Claims of domestic violence, harassment or stalking.

Case Studies

  • Obtaining an injunction restraining a former lover from approaching a young woman and from publishing candid photographs of her in a magazine as he had threatened to do.
  • Acting for a young man who claimed the cost of significant improvements he had made to the home he had jointly occupied with his former partner, after she had suddenly ended the relationship.


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