Fatal Accident Claims Solicitors

We get families back on their feet after the worst has happened

When a family’s breadwinner dies, the financial consequences for their dependents can be devastating and life-altering.

If you feel that negligence is involved, you may wish to seek compensation, whilst recognising that no amount of money can bring back the loved one you have lost.

Our approach is empathetic with our clients but robust and vigorous with adversaries.  We take time to understand the facts of what occurred, your circumstances and what matters to you in terms of making things as right as they can be.

If you have historically been dependent on a relative – a spouse, parent or child, for example – who has died as a result of an accident caused by the negligence of another, we may be able to help you to pursue a claim for the financial support you have lost.  If the claim is successful, it may reduce your concern about keeping your finances afloat or funding your children‘s education as well as pay more immediate costs such as funeral expenses.  These claims are typically brought by the personal representatives of the deceased but if there are none or they do not bring a claim of this kind, others can do so.

Our experienced solicitors have represented a wide range of clients in fatal accident cases over recent years.

Case Studies

  • Acting for the spouse and young children of a pedestrian who slipped on ice and was fatally injured by a passing motorist who was not paying attention to the road.
  • Representing an uninsured driver who was involved in a collision that killed his passenger and helping to reduce to realistic levels an exaggerated claim against him by that passenger’s dependents.
  • Pursuing a claim by the deceased’s family against a local hospital for failing to take adequate steps to prevent a suicidal man from taking his own life whilst in the hospital’s care.


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