Contract Disputes for You and Your Family

We help individuals and families in all walks of life, to manage and resolve all kinds of contractual disputes.

It is galling when others do not keep to their end of a bargain. If you have loaned money to a family member and not had it back when it was promised, engaged a tradesperson to carry out work for you and been dissatisfied with the result, or bought an expensive product such as a car that just does not do what was promised, we can help you to put things right.

Our team of experienced, specialist litigation lawyers provides specialist advice on matters including:

  • Contractual disputes with businesses, tradespeople or other service providers
  • Debt collection
  • Defective products
  • Breach of warranty claims in e.g. sale of business agreements
  • Injunctions and asset protection
  • All aspects of property litigation, including landlord and tenant.

Our approach is robust, commercial and no-nonsense whilst remaining pragmatic.  For example, where possible, we encourage clients to pursue alternative approaches to resolution such as mediation in order to gain the desired result so far as possible whilst keeping cost and friction under control.

Case Studies

  • Our client purchased an expensive luxury diesel motor car on the assurance of the salesman that it was impossible to put petrol in the car due to an installed misfuelling protection device.  The client accidentally misfuelled the car and then drove it causing thousands of pounds of damage to the internal workings of the engine.  The dealer and manufacturer relied on a warning contained deep within the owner’s manual (which our client had not read and to which their attention had not been drawn) about how the car should be fueled.  At trial, the dealer was ordered to pay all of the costs of the car’s repair.
  • We acted for a used car dealer in a claim by a dissatisfied customer who claimed the car was unsafe to drive and demanded a full refund.  We argued that the purchaser had added a substantial number of miles to the car since purchase and that was inconsistent with his claim that it could not safely be driven.


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