Debt Recovery for You and Your Family

Unpaid debts owed to you can cause you financial hardship, as can unfair claims against you if not properly defended.

Regardless of who owes you money, our experienced specialists in debt recovery take time to understand the issues at stake and your circumstances.  We can then provide an objective and realistic assessment of your options and likelihood of success in recovering the cash.

Where alternative approaches such as mediation fail, we can, for example:

  • Pursue County Court or High Court judgements against debtors
  • Instruct enforcement agents to seize debtors’ assets to pay a court judgement
  • Obtain court orders that the debtor’s bank, or their employer, pay the debt directly from the debtor’s bank account or wages
  • Arrange to secure a judgement against a debtor’s assets such as their home or other property
  • In cases involving dishonesty or fraud we may be able to seek special court orders to freeze the debtor’s assets or suspend their bank accounts to prevent further loss to you.

Where an unfair claim is made against you, we can help you to defend it with rigour.


Case Studies

Defending a debt recovery action against four owners of a restaurant business who were sued by a former supplier in respect of debts incurred by the operating company of the restaurant, which had been wound-up.  The claimant sought to reclaim debts from our clients personally.

Enforcement agents instructed by us followed a debtor to market where he sold his livestock at auction and seized the cash from the auctioneer to pay it to our client before the debtor was able to claim it.

Within hours of our serving a court order on a debtor’s bank ordering them to pay the contents of the debtor’s account to our client, the debtor came to our offices and settled his debt to our client in full.


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