Bankruptcy Solicitors

Applying for personal bankruptcy is now a simple process and many people who have made the decision will not feel the need to have professional legal help to make the application.  Others may want better to understand the process, the consequences for their careers, family and jointly-owned assets such as a family home.

Perhaps you do not want to be bankrupt at all but have received a statutory demand or have been threatened with a bankruptcy petition by a creditor and want advice and assistance in fighting the threat or negotiating a more palatable solution.

Whatever your situation, we take time to understand your personal and financial circumstances and to discuss the options that may be available so you can make clear and informed choices about what is in your best interests.

At every step of the way we help you to understand the process and the consequences. Should your case reach a formal bankruptcy hearing we help you present your case to the official receiver and Insolvency Service, and to implement the conditions of your bankruptcy order.

Our specialist team of solicitors have helped many individuals, from all walks of life, including individuals:

  • Facing the threat of bankruptcy because of unpaid debts
  • Who want to voluntarily declare bankruptcy
  • Who want to have their bankruptcy annulled because a mistake was made in the process.
  • Whose rehabilitation from bankruptcy is being unfairly opposed by their trustee
  • Who jointly own assets with a person who is or expects to become bankrupt in the near future.

Examples of our work

HMRC issued a bankruptcy petition against our client after he did not pay income tax.  Our client’s accountants had failed to notify the UK tax authorities that our client held dual nationality and had paid income tax in the other country and by a double taxation treaty between the two countries he did not also have to pay tax in the UK.

Our clients agreed to take the title to a property and the mortgage in their name when their daughter and her partner were refused a mortgage.  After paying our client the mortgage amounts each month for several years, the partner became bankrupt and their trustee in bankruptcy claimed repayment from our clients of all the sums they had received from the bankrupt.


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