Debt Recovery Solicitors

Proper credit control and management of cash flow are key to the success of any business.  Many businesses face cash flow issues and disruption caused by unpaid invoices from customers, or being owed money by distributors, agencies or other third parties.  In some cases, these can bring down the business if prompt action is not taken.

In many cases we will be able to act for you on a fixed fee basis.  Further information can be found on our Fixed Fee Debt Recovery Scheme page.

Our experienced, specialist dispute resolution solicitors have an outstanding track record of success in debt recovery and ensuring that overdue invoices are settled.  We can pursue debtors via the County Court, High Court or by way of insolvency proceedings, whichever may be appropriate to achieve the desired result.

We always take time to assess the realities of our clients’ situations to advise them on the best way to recover debts. We give an objective assessment of the options available and the probable outcomes.  We then work hard to initiate proceeding quickly where necessary, present your case clearly and pursue each matter robustly.

Once a court judgement in your favour has been granted, our dispute resolution lawyers will use any or all of the approaches available to secure recovery of the money you are owed.  Options include:

  • Attachment of earnings (where an employer is ordered to deduct from a debtor’s salary and pay you)
  • Third party debt orders (diverting money owed to the debtor by third parties such as a bank or creditor to you)
  • A Charging Order (securing the debt against the debtor’s property)
  • Sale orders (which convert a Charging Order into money for you be mandating the sale of property)
  • Injunctions (including freezing orders that suspend bank accounts or prevent disposal of assets (perhaps by transfer into the name of a third party) to avoid payment.

To achieve a cost-effective solution and minimise uncertainty for you, we offer fixed fees for simple undefended debt recovery work.

Case Studies

  • Recovering debt owed to a property services company that had habitually received late payment of its invoices, resulting in recovery of a significant, six-figure sum for our client.

  • Defending a debt recovery action against owners of a restaurant business that had been wound-up, and where the claimants sought to reclaim debts from the personal finances of the former owners.


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