Corporate Insolvency

We provide complete support for insolvency processes and insolvency-related claims

Dealing with corporate insolvency can be a challenging process. As well as navigating insolvency proceedings, there is often a lot of complicated business work, such as selling the business and/or its assets, redundancies and debt recovery. It is also important for directors to consider the personal risks to themselves and their loved ones.

At Longmores, we have extensive experience with corporate insolvency matters, including insolvency proceedings and the essential business legal work that must be carried out. Our insolvency experts can provide the reassurance of working with a team who knows exactly how to handle these critical matters.

Our business insolvency services cover:

Our Legal 500-ranked Company & Commercial team can also advise on business restructuring.

Clients come to us from across England and Wales, with members of our team having acted in a range of high value and complex insolvency matters.

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Our corporate insolvency services

Legal support for insolvency practitioners

Our insolvency lawyers regularly support insolvency practitioners through both sides of the process. We can ensure insolvency practitioners are properly appointed and can give advice on legal issues that arise on appointment.

Having built lasting relationships with many different insolvency practitioners, we know exactly what is needed to make their lives easier.

We can assist with:

  • Restructuring advice
  • Out of Court Appointments
  • Applications to appoint an administrator or liquidator
  • Legal challenges to appointments
  • Security Reviews
  • Claims against directors and bankrupts, including for:
    • Misfeasance claims
    • Illegal dividend claims
    • Preference claims
    • Transfers at an undervalue
    • s423 claims
    • Wrongful trading
  • General business work, including:
    • Selling the business
    • Supplier disputes
    • Selling business assets
    • Book debt recovery

Advice for directors

Getting expert legal advice at the earliest opportunity is absolutely essential. This can help to avoid the risk of further action being taken against you and minimise the consequences if mistakes have been made.

Often even insolvent businesses can be rescued with the benefit of timely advice, and we can work with insolvency practitioners to talk you through the various restructuring options that may be available.

Even after insolvency, you may need to get advice on the consequences for you or your family members personally, or in relation to your dealing with liquidators or administrators.

Support for directors and their family members

Corporate insolvency can have serious consequences for directors and their loved ones. We can advise on issues such as insolvency practitioners seeking to recover funds that have been taken out of the business by directors, including where these have been used to provide for family members and other third parties.

Claims against directors

Directors of insolvent companies can face personal claims, disqualification and even criminal action, while family members can also have their assets targeted.

Our corporate insolvency solicitors can advise directors and their family members on claims related to matters such as:

  • Director disqualification
  • Unfit conduct
  • Undervalued transfers
  • Trading whilst insolvent
  • Wrongful trading
  • Fraudulent trading

Find out more about how we can help with claims against directors and their family members.

Our corporate insolvency solicitors’ fees

The value of good legal support when dealing with corporate insolvency cannot be overstated. For insolvency practitioners, we can offer flexible arrangements based on recoveries and can work with funders and insurers in relation to claims.

To find out more about our corporate insolvency solicitors’ fees and to request a cost estimate, please get in touch.

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For expert insolvency advice from our experienced team, please get in touch.

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