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We protect your IP and help you commercially exploit its value

The intellectual property (IP) of an organisation is one of its greatest assets.  IP constitutes your ideas, innovations, brands, patents or trademarks.  It is also your copyright of original work such as designs graphics, written and audio-visual material and represents elements of your firm’s competitive advantage.

It is important to protect IP from unlawful infringement by copying or other exploitation by competing organisations and to act quickly to protect your position when your rights are infringed.

We help organisations and individuals of all kinds to identify, develop, protect, manage and exploit their IP.  Our highly experienced, specialist lawyers advise on a wide range of IP related issues including:

  • Branding strategies and IP protection planning
  • Trademark, patent and copyright infringement
  • Breaches of confidential information, trade secrets or know-how
  • Design protection
  • Domain name disputes including ‘cyber-squatting’
  • IP rights agreements
  • Passing-off
  • Trade mark registration
  • Software licensing and distribution

We help clients to understand and protect the value of their IP and to maximise it over time by understanding and deploying the various legal mechanisms available to prevent its unauthorised use and exploitation.

Where disputes occur we help you to understand your legal position and options so that you can make an informed decision as to how best to proceed.  If possible, we encourage resolution of disputes through alternative approaches such as mediation, so long as we believe this will lead to the best outcome for you.  Where litigation proves necessary our approach is robust and tenacious.

Case Studies

  • Protecting a bathroom furnishing business against possible trademark infringement by an overseas company entering the UK market.
  • Protecting the brand identity of a leading UK healthcare recruitment agency against possible infringement by a global competitor.
  • Defending use of a trademark for a Christmas concert to be given by the former lead singer of a 1960s pop group.
  • Acting to remove from the market cheaply-made imitation products being sold using the brand name and promotional materials of our client, a leading brand of luxury automotive cleaning products.


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