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Partnership and LLP disputes

As a Limited Liability Partnership (LLP) ourselves, we know that a partnership structure can foster a shared sense of collegiality, based on mutual trust and goodwill.  However, if disputes arise between members of a partnership this can take a personal toll as well as have a direct impact on the business. Many such issues arise following the retirement of a partner or expulsion from the partnership.

If they are not managed properly such disputes can give rise to significant disruption in the running of your business.  They can become highly personal and put at risk reputations, careers and significant capital. 

Our specialist dispute resolution solicitors help partners to resolve all kinds of disputes concerning:

  • Dissolution or termination of partnerships
  • Partner and member rights, fiduciary duties and governance issues
  • Ownership of partnership property and assets
  • Insolvency issues
  • Valuations and profit distribution
  • Terms of partnership deeds.

Client firms, where we have advised both remaining and departing partners and members include: accountants, dentists, vets, recruitment consultants, solicitors, surveyors and engineers.

We offer a deep understanding of the professional and commercial context and the regulatory environment in which partnerships operate.  Our longstanding relationships with specialists such as forensic accountants mean that we have immediate access to the experts to undertake valuation of shares, goodwill and other tangible or intangible assets relating to partnership disputes.

We believe negotiation and alternative dispute resolution approaches, such as mediation or arbitration, often provide appropriate and cost-effective ways or resolving partnership disputes, rather than moving straight to litigation.   

These approaches are both confidential and cost effective.  We advise clients on the most appropriate approach and bring to bear our specialist knowledge of partnership disputes law to determine both the rights and obligations of partners.


Examples of our work:

Arbitrating a partnership dispute relating to a Deed of Retirement and disputed cash payments.

Defending a company director against a claim of breach of fiduciary duties by setting up a competing company and diverting business to it.


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Commercial Property Disputes

John Wiblin

Partner and Head of Dispute Resolution

Lauren MacKenzie

Senior solicitor specialising in Dispute Resolution and Mediation

John's knowledge is superb. He also takes the time to explain the legal jargon so it is easy to understand what is happening and the consequences of action
  • Senior Buying Manager, food retailer
  • About: John Wiblin
John was engaged by my company on a contract law problem, which went to High Court and we won the day. I found John to be tremendously supportive throughout the process, gave very clear precise advice and organised extremely professional Counsel representation.
  • Managing Director, engineering equipment manufacturer
  • About: John Wiblin