Co-ownership Disputes

We resolve co-ownership disputes swiftly and cost-effectively

Disputes over the ownership of property can quickly become very heated. Disagreements are common where two or more parties have contributed financially to a property, but this is not reflected in the property title or other legal documentation. These situations can be tricky to unpick, so seeking expert legal advice is a must.

Longmores’ Property Litigation team have high-level expertise in all aspects of property law, including co-ownership disputes. We work closely with clients to understand their situation and perspective, then find ways to protect their investment and secure the best possible outcome for them.

We can review the property title and all the circumstances, then provide a clear understanding of your legal position. Once you know where you stand legally, we can help you explore your options for resolving your dispute, which can be achieved without court proceedings in most cases.

Market leading expertise in resolving co-ownership disputes

Our Property Litigation team has experience with all types of residential and commercial property co-ownership disputes, with particular expertise in disputes related to managed blocks of flats.

Our co-ownership dispute resolution expertise includes:

Based in Hertford, we work with clients all over the country, including London and the South East. Typical clients include housing associations, management companies, managing agents, commercial landlords and tenants, investors, developers, individual property owners, and rural landowners.

Independently recognised property litigation expertise

We are ranked by leading client guide the Legal 500 for our Commercial Property and Commercial Litigation expertise.

Head of Property Litigation John Wagstaffe has been recommended by the Legal 500 for his property litigation expertise and is a member of the Property Litigation Association and the Association of Leasehold Enfranchisement Practitioners.

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Our co-ownership dispute resolution services

Joint property ownership disputes

There can be many reasons for disputes over a jointly owned property. From those involving two or more individuals to those involving organisations, the legal position is not always clear and often does not reflect what one or more of the parties believes to be the case.

Longmores’ Property Litigation team has extensive experience with these types of disputes, so we can step in and quickly give you clarity on your legal position. We can then advise you on the options available to you to resolve the dispute in a way that best protects your interests.

We can assist with all matters related to joint property ownership disputes, including:

  • Joint ownership disputes for family members, business partners and cohabiting couples
  • Disputes where a party not on the title deeds has contributed to the cost of a property

Disputes over property interests

Where there is a dispute over whether someone whose name is not on the deeds has an interest in a property, and if so then what the value of that interest is, the Court is able to determine this under the Trusts of Land and Appointment of Trustees Act 1996 (TOLATA).

If you wish to make an application to determine your interest in a property under the Act, it is important to have all of the right evidence to support your application. Likewise, if someone else has made such an application with respect to a property in which you have an interest, you need equally strong evidence to support your position.

Longmores’ Property Litigation team can help make sure you understand how the application process works and the likely outcomes, then make sure you have the strongest possible case.

We can assist with all matters related to disputes over property interests, including:

  • Advising on whether you or someone else can establish an interest in a property
  • Negotiating a settlement on your behalf
  • Making an application under the Trusts of Land and Appointment of Trustees Act 1996 if it is not possible to negotiate a settlement

Order for sale claims

Where there is disagreement between the joint owners of a property over whether to sell, it may be necessary to apply for an order for sale. This can force the sale of the property and allow the proceeds to be split between the owners according to their level of interest.

Longmores can assist with applications for an order of sale, as well as with opposing such an order where appropriate. We can advise on whether such an application is appropriate and ensure you have the right grounds and all necessary supporting evidence in place.

We can assist with all matters related to order for sale claims, including:

  • Preparing and submitting an order for sale claim
  • Opposing an order for sale claim
  • Obtaining a warrant or writ of possession where required

Our co-ownership dispute resolution fees

When dealing with a co-ownership dispute, the cost of your legal representation is obviously a key consideration. By keeping our overheads low and maintaining a keen focus on efficiency, we are able to offer our high-level property law expertise at a competitive rate.

Where appropriate, we are able to handle some co-ownership disputes on a fixed fee or capped fee basis, making it easier for you to budget with confidence.

For more complex co-ownership where ongoing support is required, we will work to an agreed hourly rate dependent on the level of expertise needed. We will provide a clear cost estimate at the outset and any additional expenditure will be agreed in advance, so you always stay in control.

To find out more about our co-ownership dispute resolution fees and to request a cost estimate, please get in touch.

Speak to our co-ownership disputes solicitors

To discuss your requirements with our pragmatic, commercially focused and approachable co-ownership dispute resolution experts, please get in touch.

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