Disputes Concerning Management Companies

We find the best way to resolve management company disputes

A good working relationship between a management company and the leaseholders living in the properties being managed is essential, but things do not always run smoothly. Where a dispute has arisen that concerns a managed property, the right legal advice can help to get things back on track while protecting key interests.

Longmores’ Property Litigation team have high-level expertise in all aspects of property law, particularly in dealing with disputes concerning management companies. With extensive experience in block management disputes and all other types of property management matters, we understand the key issues and the best ways to resolve them as quickly and cost-effectively as possible.

We can provide a clear legal perspective on your situation, as well as strong negotiation skills to help you achieve an amicable outcome in most cases. Where firmer action is required, we can advise on your options and ensure you have the best available representation for any court or tribunal proceedings.

Market leading expertise in resolving disputes concerning management companies

We regularly advise landlords, tenants, management companies and managing agents on a wide range of disputes, with our team having particular expertise in disputes relating to managed blocks of flats and freehold estates.

Our management company disputes expertise includes:

  • Lease interpretation
  • Breach of lease covenants
  • Service charge disputes and arrears recovery
  • Unlawful use or alterations
  • Pets
  • First-tier Tribunal applications

Based in Hertford, we work with clients all over the country, including London and the South East. Typical clients include landlords and tenants, management companies, managing agents, investors, developers, individual property owners, and rural landowners.

Independently recognised property litigation expertise

We are ranked by leading client guide the Legal 500 for our Commercial Property and Commercial Litigation expertise.

Head of Property Litigation John Wagstaffe has been recommended by the Legal 500 for his property litigation expertise and is a member of the Property Litigation Association and the Association of Leasehold Enfranchisement Practitioners.

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Our management company dispute resolution services

Lease interpretation

Leases tend to be long, complex documents and are not always as clearly drafted as they might be. This can lead to confusion and the potential for conflict, but the right legal advice can often swiftly head off these problems.

Our property litigation team can assist with:

  • Interpreting the terms of leases
  • Advice on how these terms apply to specific situations
  • Recommendations for how to resolve lease disputes
  • Amending leases to clarify their terms and prevent future issues

Breach of lease covenant

When the terms of a lease have been breached, it is important to take decisive action. Our team can give you clear advice on whether a breach has occurred and advise you on your options to achieve an amicable resolution or take more serious action where required.

We can advise on common breach of lease covenant issues, including:

  • Noise complaints
  • Unauthorised pets
  • Unauthorised alterations
  • Sub-letting

Service charge disputes

Service charge disputes are relatively common and can often be resolved quickly without the need for a situation to escalate. Our team can assist with independent advice on the reasonableness of service charges, negotiating with tenants and representation at the First-tier Tribunal if matters reach that stage.

Our property litigation solicitors can assist with service charge disputes related to matters including:

  • Apportionment of costs
  • Reserve funds
  • Administration fees
  • Maintenance charges
  • Unscheduled service charge invoices

Unlawful alterations

Tenants making unauthorised alterations to a property may be a genuine mistake due to a misunderstanding of the terms of their lease or it may be more deliberate. In either case, the situation will need to be rectified as soon as possible.

Our team can assist management companies with actions including:

  • Requiring a tenant to restore the property to its previous condition
  • Retrospectively granting permission for changes
  • Seeking damages from the tenant to cover the cost of undoing the alterations


Pets can be a contentious issue between tenants and management companies. If pets are allowed in a building, it is important that there are clear rules for doing so and the right process is in place should problems arise.

Our property litigation team can advise on options including:

  • Blanket bans on pets
  • Allowing pets under licence
  • Responding to complaints about pets
  • Requiring tenants to remove unauthorised pets and problem pets
  • Seeking funds to make good damage caused by pets to shared areas

First-tier Tribunal Applications

Applications to the First-tier Tribunal can concern a multitude of matters. Most often the parties seek either a determination of whether certain service charges are reasonable or whether a lease covenant has been breached. However, they may also be seeking to have a lease varied or seeking dispensation from the requirement to consult tenants on service charge costs.

Our property litigation team has experience of a wide range of First-tier Tribunal matters and can assist with:

  • Advice on whether an application should be made or defended
  • Bringing applications
  • Defending applications

Our property management company dispute resolution fees

When facing a dispute involving a management company, the potential cost can be a serious concern. This is something our team is acutely aware of, so we do everything possible to minimise the cost to our clients, while never compromising on the exceptional quality of the service we deliver.

Our Property Litigation team works hard to keep our overheads low and stay focused on efficiency. We are able to pass these savings on to our clients, allowing us to offer the highest levels of legal expertise and service at a lower cost than many of our competitors.

Where appropriate, we are able to handle some aspects of resolving a dispute concerning a management company on a fixed fee or capped fee basis, making it easier for you to budget with confidence.

For more complex disputes concerning management companies, where ongoing support is required, we will work to an agreed hourly rate dependent on the level of expertise needed. We will provide a clear cost estimate at the outset, and any additional expenditure will be agreed upon in advance, so you always stay in control.

To find out more about our management company dispute resolution fees and to request a cost estimate, please get in touch.

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