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We protect employers against employment tribunal claims

An employment tribunal claim is always a matter of concern. The amount of management time and distraction involved can be substantial and, in some situations, awards against employers who lose their case are uncapped. Losing an employment tribunal case can also lead to negative publicity.

Our experienced employment solicitors have a successful track record in representing employers in employment litigation. We pride ourselves on being tough negotiators and formidable litigators.

We handle a wide range of issues, including:

  • Unfair dismissal (including claims arising from incorrectly managed TUPE procedures)
  • Complex whistleblowing cases
  • Discrimination claims, including those related to gender, race, age and disabilities
  • Employment status and agency workers’ claims

Sound preparation of a case can mean the difference between success and failure. The earlier we can be involved in the process, the better your chances of success. This is because we will be better able to control and manage things on your behalf.

If we can find a way to resolve the case before it makes it to tribunal, for example, through mediation or an alternative approach, we will always try to do so. This can minimise management distraction, cost and further disruption to the business.

Clear, expert employment tribunal advice for employers

Our team of solicitors can assist with all aspects of tribunal representation, including:

  • Case preparation
  • Alternative approaches (such as negotiation, mediation and early conciliation)
  • Tribunal representation

Work with leading tribunal representation lawyers

Our employment lawyers consistently appear in the directories of leading practitioners and are ranked by the leading client guide, The Legal 500. This provides strong assurance that we offer an exceptional service.

The team is led by Joint Senior Partner Richard Gvero, who is closely supported by Associate Solicitor Miranda Mulligan. Both Richard and Miranda are individually recommended by The Legal 500.

Miranda and Richard are members of the Employment Lawyers Association (ELA), further emphasising their specialist expertise. Richard and Miranda are also accredited mediators.

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Employment tribunal advice for employers

Case preparation

If you are involved in an employment tribunal claim, it is crucial to respond quickly to the matter. We recommend initially seeking legal advice and support from a solicitor who can determine the best approach going forward.

Our team will take the time to understand the claim brought against you and the circumstances behind it. From there, we will prepare a persuasive and effective argument with the aim of achieving the best possible outcome for the business. In addition, we will talk you through the tribunal process, covering all of the available options.

Pre-tribunal settlements for employment claims

Initially, we attempt to resolve most disputes outside of court litigation where possible. Often, a solution that satisfies both parties can be formed, such as a settlement agreement.

Examples of alternative dispute resolution (ADR) methods include negotiation, mediation and early conciliation. But depending on the circumstances, another option is available, known as arbitration, which is legally binding.

Our team have assisted many employers in all types of employment tribunal claim scenarios, from those simple to resolve to others more complex that require further support and expertise. We will suggest the best ADR approach for your dispute and provide clear, realistic advice to help you to build your argument ahead of it.

Tribunal representation

There are certain exceptions where alternative dispute resolution is not an appropriate method or it does not provide the desired outcome. Where this occurs, the case will proceed to a tribunal hearing, which can be complex, time consuming and often costly.

With our solicitors by your side, you can be certain that you have the best team available to fight your corner while keeping stress to a minimum. Our team will carefully prepare a robust tribunal hearing argument and supporting evidence.

Employment tribunal explained

How do employment tribunals work?

There are several steps involved in the employment tribunal process, including:

  • Contacting Acas and Early conciliation – Before the claimant can make a claim to an employment tribunal, they will first need to contact Acas regarding the matter. This is where the involved parties can attempt to resolve the matter without having to go to tribunal. Employers can also request conciliation if they think a dispute could lead to an employment tribunal claim.
  • Make a claim – The claimant will make a claim either online or via post using the number provided on the early conciliation certificate.
  • Responding to the claim – The respondent will have 28 days to respond to the claim.
  • Preliminary hearing – This initial hearing is there to determine preliminary matters to prepare the matter for a final hearing, when it will be held and for how long.
  • Preparation for the tribunal – Documentation, witness statements and arguments will need to be prepared ahead of the tribunal hearing.
  • Tribunal hearing and decision – Each party will present their evidence and case to the tribunal and a decision will be reached.
  • Appeals – In some cases, either party may ask for reconsideration of the judgement or submit an appeal.

How much could an employment tribunal cost my business?

Offering an exact figure of how much an employment tribunal claim will cost is not possible as each case will be completely different with a range of factors to consider. These include the nature of the claim, the complexity, the evidence, and the level of damages sought by the claimant.

Some of the costs you will need to take into consideration include:

  • Legal fees and disbursements – Instructing a solicitor to prepare and represent you. When you choose to work with Longmores, we can provide an estimated cost from the outset
  • Damages – If an employment tribunal claim is successful
  • The time involved – Taking away time from the business to prepare for and attend the tribunal.

Our tribunal representation fees for employers

We recognise an employment tribunal claim can be a daunting situation for employers, especially when time is taken away from the business to prepare and attend alternative approach meetings or a tribunal. That is why we aim to offer our services at a competitive price that reflects the quality of our work.

We will always be clear from the outset about our fees. We are happy to talk you through the cost of working with our solicitors. For some of our services, we can offer our support on a fixed fee basis or a capped fee deal where appropriate. This provides complete certainty over what you are expected to pay.

To find out more about our fees for employment tribunal representation and to request a cost estimate, please get in touch.

Find out more about our employment tribunal pricing for employers.

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Case Studies

  • Defending an umbrella company at an employment tribunal hearing concerning sexual harassment claims relating to one of its contractors and a customer of our client. This matter was an important test case for future claims against umbrella companies.
  • Successfully striking out claims made by temporary staff members.  The claimant (a temporary worker) alleged unfair dismissal, discrimination and harassment, as well as breach of the Working Time Regulations. We were able to convince the tribunal at a preliminary hearing that the claimant was not engaged or employed by our client and the claims were struck out avoiding time and expense preparing for a full hearing.
  • Defending an unfair dismissal claim at an employment tribunal. The claims related to alleged unfair dismissal on the grounds of race discrimination. We successfully defended all claims on behalf of our client.


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