Tribunal Representation Solicitors for Employers

An employment tribunal claim is always a matter for concern, not least due to the amount of management time and distraction involved and the fact that, in some situations, awards against employers who lose the case are uncapped.

Our clients are also typically worried about negative publicity if the claim succeeds.

Our experienced, specialist employment solicitors have a long track record of success in representing employers in employment litigation.  We pride ourselves on being tough negotiators and formidable litigators.

We handle a wide range of issues including:

  • Unfair dismissal (including claims arising from incorrectly managed TUPE procedures)
  • Complex whistleblowing cases
  • Discrimination claims
  • Employment status and agency workers’ claims.

Sound preparation of a case can mean the difference between success and failure.  The earlier we can be involved in the process, the better your chances of success as we will be better able to control and manage it on your behalf.

If we can find a way to resolve the case before it makes it to tribunal – through an alternative approach such as mediation – we will always try to do so in order to minimise management distraction and cost.

Case Studies

  • Defending an umbrella company at an employment tribunal hearing concerning sexual harassment claims relating to one of its contractors and a customer of our client. This matter was an important test case for future claims against umbrella companies.
  • Successfully striking out claims made by temporary staff members.  The claimant (a temporary worker) alleged unfair dismissal, discrimination and harassment, as well as breach of the Working Time Regulations. We were able to convince the tribunal at a preliminary hearing that the claimant was not engaged or employed by our client and the claims were struck out avoiding time and expense preparing for a full hearing.
  • Defending an unfair dismissal claim at an employment tribunal. The claims related to alleged unfair dismissal on the grounds of race discrimination. We successfully defended all claims on behalf of our client.


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