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Training is a valuable resource for any business, ensuring a successful workplace with happy employees. But initial, one-off training can often be forgotten in the rush of everyday work life.

As a business owner, it is crucial to emphasise the importance of sticking to set procedures and policies for your HR practitioners, line managers and senior managers. But to ensure that this happens, the employees responsible for carrying out the tasks need regular, follow-up training programmes to guarantee everything is being correctly implemented and conducted.

Our team understand the difficulties that can arise during the employment relationship. We are dedicated to making matters simpler for employers through clear, accurate, practical, and interactive training that will physically benefit your organisation.

Get expert advice on HR and employment training

Our team can tailor HR and employment training to meet your specific requests, in addition to offering training modules on matters including the following:

  • Managing disciplinary issues
  • Managing employee grievances
  • Managing sickness absence
  • Managing and avoiding discrimination issues
  • Managing performance issues
  • GDPR and data protection
  • Employment status
  • Protecting against employee data misuse
  • Social media
  • Managing redundancies
  • Managing employment termination
  • Employment law updates

Work with industry-leading employment lawyers

Our employment lawyers consistently appear in the directories of leading practitioners and are ranked by the leading client guide, The Legal 500. This provides strong assurance that we offer an exceptional service.

The team is led by Joint Senior Partner Richard Gvero, who is closely supported by Associate Solicitor Miranda Mulligan. Both Richard and Miranda are individually recommended by The Legal 500.

Miranda and Richard are members of the Employment Lawyers Association (ELA), further emphasising their specialist expertise. Richard and Miranda are also accredited mediators.

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Our HR and employment training services

Disciplinary issues

Where issues arise, having clear disciplinary rules and procedures in place can ensure matters are properly handled. This can prevent future disputes, such as claims brought forward by employees.

Our solicitors are specialists in dealing with disciplinary issues and are therefore able to train you and provide strong foundations to help you protect your business.

Our solicitors’ training expertise includes:

  • ACAS Code of Practice compliant processes
  • Investigation processes
  • Suspension
  • Disciplinary hearings
  • Outcomes
  • Appeals
  • Case law study examples

Employee grievances

Any person who is responsible for managing staff needs to understand the grievance procedure, otherwise, costly and damaging issues could follow suit. Our solicitors can provide expert training and advice using practical situations to ensure your senior employees have the skills to handle complex grievance procedures.

Our team’s employee grievance training expertise includes:

  • What constitutes a grievance
  • ACAS Code of Practice complaint processes
  • Informal/formal grievance process
  • Grievance hearings
  • Grievance outcomes
  • Grievance appeals
  • Case law study examples

Sickness absence

It is important to approach an employee’s sickness absence sensitively, ensuring the appropriate steps are taken to prevent future disagreements.

Our team’s training expertise on sickness absence includes:

  • Identifying the cause of work absences
  • Return to work interviews
  • Managing short-term absences and long-term ill health
  • Obtaining medical evidence
  • Disciplinary/capability/grievance/dismissal processes as relevant
  • Case law study examples

Discrimination issues

No employee should feel discriminated against, whether that concerns gender, race, disability or other discrimination matters. Employers should have the skills and knowledge to understand precisely what constitutes discrimination, the types and how to prevent it from happening.

Our lawyers’ training expertise on discrimination issues includes:

  • What constitutes discrimination
  • Different types of discrimination
  • Relevant legislation
  • Avoiding discrimination claims
  • Anti-discrimination policy and procedures

Performance issues

Handling employees’ performance is an important part of a business’s success. Where employees fail to perform well, it can result in several issues.

Ensuring your senior staff are efficiently trained to respond to underperforming employees is crucial to avoid potential employment claims. Our training workshops can provide precisely this type of support.

Our team’s training on performance issues includes:

  • ACAS Code of Practice
  • Standards of performance
  • Formal procedures
  • Documentation
  • Investigation
  • Hearings
  • Case law study examples

GDPR and data protection

Where businesses fail to follow GDPR and data protection laws, they can be held liable. That is why it is crucial to make sure staff are fully trained on the importance of GDPR compliance.

Our teams GDPR and data protection training expertise includes:

  • Relevant legislation, regulations and codes
  • Recording and storing data
  • Data breach reporting
  • Case law study examples

Employment status

It is essential for a business to understand the different employment statuses. This includes clear knowledge around legal rights, entitlement and what is expected of the individual changes depending on the type of status they have.

Our solicitors can train you about employment status, including:

  • Worker
  • Employee
  • Self-employed/contractor
  • Director/ office holder

Protecting against employee data misuse

Staff need to be aware of how they should be recording and storing data and the potential complications it can bring forward.

Our solicitors can train you about employee data misuse includes:

  • Principles of data protection
  • Legal grounds for collecting and storing data
  • Data subject rights
  • Data protection responsibilities
  • Data breach
  • Case law study examples

Social media

Social media is an important aspect of any business. Ensuring that the handling of posting, commenting and interacting with other businesses, organisations and customers remains professional is of utmost importance.

Where social media is handled inappropriately, it can reflect poorly on the business’s reputation. Therefore, proper social media training is crucial, including demonstrating good and bad practices and case law study examples.


Redundancies need to be fairly carried out. Where they are not, employees could be entitled to challenge their redundancy through the employment tribunal.

Our employment solicitors have a wealth of combined expertise in redundancy matters.

Our solicitors share their expertise through redundancy training including:

  • What constitutes a redundancy
  • Fair redundancy selection
  • Redundancy process, e.g. communication
  • Alternatives to redundancy
  • Case Law study examples

Employment termination

There are two types of dismissal, fair and unfair. An unfair dismissal can cause widespread disruption to all involved. It is vital to understand the appropriate process to avoid such issues from occurring.

Our solicitors’ employment termination training expertise includes

  • Relevant legislation
  • Formal processes
  • ACAS Code of Practice
  • Case law study examples

Employment law updates

Employment law can change frequently and it is essential for employers to recognise the relevant legislation, particularly when needing to implement it.

Our team are always up to date on the relevant legislation and can provide expert training to assist employers with correctly following regulations.

Our HR and employment training fees

We believe in complete transparency about service fees from the outset. For this reason, we charge our training and workshops on a fixed fee basis.

For half day training sessions, we charge a fixed fee price of £850 plus VAT.

For full day training sessions, where matters are covered in more depth, we charge a fixed fee price of £1500 plus VAT.

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