Employment tribunal against ‘bully’ boss wins woman £38k

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An employment tribunal has awarded a female tour guide a £38k pay-out following a discrimination dispute between the guide and her ‘bully’ boss.

Ms Shona MacLeod was verbally abused by boss Mr David Win on multiple occasions while working as a tour guide at Eilean Donan Castle in Scotland.

A Court heard that the ‘bullied’ guide, who has emphysema, suffered ‘abuse’ which worsened her condition, and “risked putting her health, perhaps her life, in danger.”

Ms MacLeod said she was forced to work in cold, damp conditions despite her illness, and told to “wind her neck in” and that “she knew where the door was” when she made attempts to reason with manager, Mr Win.

Employment Judge Chris Lucas awarded Ms MacLeod a total of £38,378 for constructive dismissal and disability discrimination.

Judge Lucas’ judgement stated: “The cause of the claimant terminating her employment was the combination of a breach by the Trust of Ms MacLeod’s contract of employment by discriminating against her and a breach constituted by a series of failures by the Trust to deal with her grievances and of bullying at the hands of Mr Win.”

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