Disputes and Grievances Solicitors

For the most part, the working relationship between you and your employer is likely to be perfectly good.  Sometimes, however, such relationships do break down: disagreements arise and disputes occur.

Our highly experienced, specialist team of Employment solicitors are used to helping individuals from all walks of life and at all levels of seniority in their organisations to find practical solutions to workplace issues including:

  • Redundancy
  • Employment contract terms
  • Bullying and harassment
  • Misconduct and disciplinary issues
  • Restrictive covenants
  • Data misuse

We take time to understand the background to the issue, your particular circumstances and what factors define a good outcome for you.  We can then advise on ways to strengthen your position in any negotiation, whether that is to agree terms for a return to work or for a severance package.

In all cases, we seek practical solutions by agreement where possible, rather than relying on long drawn-out and costly litigation.  If no agreement proves possible, we can advise you on the options for legal action including the possibility of an Employment Tribunal claim.  We can also act for you in alternative approaches to resolution such as mediation.

Case Studies

  • Pursuing a claim by a senior employee and minority shareholder in a national manufacturing company of inappropriate behaviour against an employer on grounds of unfair prejudice, among other things.


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