Employment Contracts

An employment contract can be verbal.  However, the law obliges employers to provide you in writing a statement of certain terms of your employment.

There can be discrepancies between what you believe has been agreed and the actual terms of the contract.  You may be surprised that some terms in your contract may in fact be unenforceable or indeed even be illegal.

Our highly experienced team of specialist Employment solicitors are well versed in identifying and dealing with the problems that can arise in employment contracts.  These may arise not only when you start a new job with a new employer; they can also occur when you are asked to change roles with your existing employer or simply if you are asked to agree new terms and conditions.

It is always important to check that there are no hidden surprises in your new or revised contract.

We can review your contract and help to ensure you understand in detail the practical implications of what you are being asked to sign.  We can help to negotiate the best terms possible for you and check that the employment contract is legally compliant.  We help you to consider the implications of issues including:

  • Salary package and its structure
  • Holiday
  • Flexible working/job sharing provisions
  • The basis on which bonus/commission/profit sharing are calculated and may be paid
  • Share schemes and share options
  • Mobility and overseas working
  • Restrictive covenants
  • Termination provisions

In addition to reviewing a new contract we can also review your current one to cross-check for any implications relating to your new role, such as non-compete restrictions (which may prevent you working for a competitor).

Our approach is to provide practical advice and specific recommendations to help you secure the best contract terms.  We can also represent you in any dispute with your employer that may arise as a result.

Case Studies

  • Helping a senior sale consultant with over 20 years’ experience threatened with a claim for breach of confidentiality. His contract with his former employer contained no restrictive covenants yet he was threatened with proceedings for an alleged breach of the implied terms of his consultancy agreement for disclosing trade secrets. We successfully established that he had in fact used, and was entitled to use, his own skill and knowledge, and industry experience.
  • Representing the CEO of a bank in his premature termination and securing a severance payment in excess of £1.2m.  It involved extensive negotiation on matters involving age discrimination, unfair dismissal and contract issues.


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