Pre and Post Nuptial Agreement Solicitors

We can safeguard your future financial security

We have a long track record of helping individuals entering into a marriage or civil partnership gain peace of mind by designing and putting in place agreements that protect their financial interests.

That can be especially important where one party brings significantly more assets to the marriage or in the case of second marriages where financial arrangements may be more complex and there is a desire to preserve pre-existing assets should the marriage not last.

Although pre-nuptial (i.e. agreed before marriage or civil partnership) and post-nuptial (i.e. agreed during marriage or civil partnership) agreements are not currently legally binding, they can significantly influence a financial settlement award and provide an element of certainty for both parties in the event of a marriage breakdown.

Our specialist family law solicitors take time to understand your personal circumstances and your motivations for wanting to sign an agreement.  We can help you to negotiate the terms of a robust agreement, with a view to protecting your interests and those of any children, while at the same time providing appropriate financial support for your former spouse in the event of separation or divorce.

Our experienced family law solicitors can help you by:

  • Negotiating appropriate terms with a future spouse or civil partner and their legal representatives
  • Making provisions for children or other family members, particularly in the case of second or subsequent marriages
  • Drafting agreements that appropriately balance the interests of all parties concerned.

Case Studies

  • Negotiating a pre-nuptial agreement for a wealthy client with significant assets and who was re-marrying later on in life.  Our client’s fiancée had limited means.  Negotiating a pre-nuptial agreement to preserve our client’s wealth for the benefit of his children and making provision to provide his fiancée with a home during her lifetime and financial support.
  • Acted for a client to protect his inherited wealth in the event of divorce.  The non-inherited wealth was potentially insufficient to provide our client’s fiancée with the security and stability of a home for her and the children.  We found a solution that would meet the needs of our client’s fiancée and also preserve the assets within our client’s family in the event of divorce.


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