Divorce and Separation Financial Settlement Solicitors

We give you financial security for your future without unnecessary conflict

Once it is clear that divorce or separation is unavoidable, some solicitors act as though the necessary financial settlement is simply an adversarial, commercial transaction between the parties.

By contrast, our team of experienced family lawyers have a strong track record of helping individuals to agree the financial aspects of their divorce in as amicable and fair a manner as possible.  This tends to save time and anguish and helps to reduce legal costs.

Our clear advice will give you an objective assessment of your options.  Our dedicated family solicitors will help you to negotiate a settlement that is fair to both parties.

We help clients to reach clarity on the best way forward.  This means we spend our time on the points that you believe are really worth fighting for.

We adopt a constructive approach and will try to bring each case to an amicable and swift conclusion. If your case cannot be settled then we will work hard in court to reach the best possible financial settlement on your behalf.

Our experienced family solicitors have advised a wide range of individuals on the financial aspects of their divorce. Our typical work includes:

  • Tracing and evaluating spousal assets to ensure our clients get the settlement to which they are entitled
  • Negotiating financial settlements
  • Agreeing court strategy for contentious financial claims in order to present your case in the best possible light
  • Enforcing financial orders
  • Negotiating and drafting separation agreements.

Case Studies

  • Acted for a wife in relation to divorce and finances in which both parties were foreign nationals resident in England.  They had assets of around £12m, based on and offshore.  We secured the jurisdiction of the English court to deal with the divorce and finances and advised the wife in relation to the husband’s disclosure and settlement. We obtained tax advice in relation to the implications of the proposed settlement and thereafter struck a generous deal for the wife that provided her with more than 50% of the assets.
  • Advising a wife in a difficult case covering many aspects of financial remedy proceedings.  The opponent was a high earner with a media profile who headed a multinational and multi centred company with a charitable element.  Disclosure was extremely limited and all financial information was required to be carefully analysed in order to find hidden assets including those held offshore.  Numerous applications needed to be made in relation to disclosure including production notices which had to be served on English and international financial institutions.  Freezing orders were also obtained in relation to property and assets including bank accounts.  A legal services order was obtained against the husband to pay the wife’s ongoing legal costs.
  • Acted for a wife in financial remedy proceedings successfully obtaining a favourable financial award where the opponent owned a number of property companies.  We dealt with difficulties in obtaining full disclosure and an evidential dispute as to the length of the marriage.  Further dealing with forensic accountants and surveyors reports and numerous witnesses who were required to give evidence in court.
  • Successfully challenging the terms of a pre-nuptial agreement on behalf of a wife, who was moving from the jurisdiction, on the basis that the terms of the agreement did not take into account the current needs of the family and the capitalisation of spousal maintenance.  Obtaining additional financial provision on behalf of the wife within financial remedy proceedings.


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