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We protect your children and your relationship with them

Each year, thousands of children experience the separation or divorce of their parents.  What is already a traumatic experience can be compounded by the inability of parents to reach an amicable agreement regarding the living arrangements and financial support for the children.

Few things matter more to our clients than being able to agree the arrangements for their children following divorce or separation.  We understand this and work to secure an outcome that is in the children’s best interests whilst protecting rights of parents where appropriate.

Divorce or separation can be more complicated and stressful when children are involved.  Our approach is always to protect the interests of children as a priority whilst maintaining cordial relationships between parents where possible.

We spend time understanding your personal circumstances and likely future arrangements so that we can identify pragmatic and workable solutions for your family.

We encourage our clients to agree arrangements for their children between themselves or we negotiate on their behalf.  If this proves impracticable, we recommend alternative methods of dispute resolution, such as mediation, collaborative law or arbitration, to reach a mutually-agreed solution without the expense or time commitment of settling the case in the family courts.

Our experienced family solicitors have a vast experience of helping families in a wide range of circumstances.  Our typical work includes:

  • Advising and assisting our clients regarding parental responsibility and child arrangements, including where the children are to live and when they are to spend time with each parent
  • In the absence of agreement, representing clients on an application to settle the living arrangements for their children and/or other aspects of their upbringing
  • International and internal relocation applications
  • Financial claims for children.

Case Studies

  • Acted for a father in relation to an application for a Child Arrangements Order, to provide for an equal shared care arrangement, due to the mother’s non-compliance with a pre-existing Order.  Obtaining a further Order defining the arrangements and eliciting the mother’s agreement to work with an independent social worker to manage future contact arrangements.
  • Acted for a mother in relation to an application for a Child Arrangements Order in respect of contact arrangements and a Specific Issue Order to change her child’s surname to include both parents’ surnames.  Negotiating an agreement regarding the contact arrangements at the first hearing in the Family Court. Obtaining an order for the changing of her child’s name at Final Hearing.
  • Acting for a mother in an application for financial provision for the benefit of their child, against her wealthy former partner.  Obtaining a financial award for the benefit of the child to cover the cost of suitable housing, in line with their standard of living, and a school fees order.


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