Intellectual Property (IP) Solicitors

Innovation is increasingly critical to business survival as is protecting and commercialising your intellectual property (IP).

Your innovative product developments and business processes represent important, valuable Intellectual Property (IP) assets over which you have rights.

IP rights exist to protect your business’s products, brands, designs, content, copyrights, innovations and reputation.  IP can now represent the majority of the commercial value of many businesses, regardless of industry sector.

Protecting and commercialising that IP can significantly increase the growth of your business and the attraction of it as an acquisition target or merger partner; key ways for shareholders to realise value from their business.

We know that adequate protection, and successful defence of IP infringement, can make or break a business that relies on innovative ideas to put it one step ahead of competitors. We help our clients to identify and protect the IP assets on which the success of their business depends.

Our approach is robust, commercial and pragmatic.  IP is surprisingly concrete in most cases, not a theoretical legal exercise.  We focus on the commercial aspects and geographies that are most important to you, having taken time to understand your business in depth.

Our specialist intellectual property solicitors help clients with a range of issues, including:

  • Trade marks and brands
  • Patents
  • Design rights
  • Copyright
  • Database rights
  • Trade secrets and know how
  • Confidential information and non-disclosure agreements
  • Domain names
  • Franchising
  • Licensing and distribution arrangements
  • Assignment of IP rights
  • Competition and trading practices
  • Privacy and image rights
  • Advertising and regulatory compliance
  • Advising on IP matters in the context of a business sale or purchase.


Case Studies

Protecting the brand identity of a leading UK healthcare recruitment agency from a global recruitment business who wanted to register a trademark that overlapped with our client’s brand. We helped our client prepare for a hearing at the Intellectual Property Office and advised on the best way of presenting their arguments. Our client was successful in defending the use of the trademark for their own brand.

Agreeing robust commercial supply contracts for a leader in the cake decoration market with key components of their supply chain, while at the same time ensuring their products had the required levels of patent protection. As a result of these new supplier arrangements our client has been able to get their product to market faster, and has secured major contracts with food retailers such as Morrisons and Asda.

Advising a UK-based research centre when undertaking joint research exercises with leading European counterparties including trade associations and universities. The aim of the research initiatives was jointly to develop products that could be manufactured and sold in the European market. The Longmores team negotiated and drafted bespoke arrangements including a Research & Development agreement and patent licence that would protect the commercial and IP interests of all parties involved.


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