Company Constitutional Matters

We get the right legal framework in place to set your business up for success

For a business to work effectively and profitably, it has to be built on the strongest possible foundations. Our expert corporate lawyers can help your business to create constitutional documents that exactly meet your needs.

Looking for help with articles of association, a shareholders’ agreement or any other company constitutional matters? We have the legal expertise and hard-nosed commercial mindset you need.

At Longmores, our Corporate Law team provide expertise in company constitutional matters for a diverse array of clients, from local SMEs to large corporations and global businesses.

We can ensure your company’s foundational documents reflect the day-to-day realities of running a business, so you operate effectively while avoiding many of the problems that can interfere with an organisation’s ability to succeed.

Our corporate law solicitors can assist with all company constitutional matters, including:

We are ranked by leading client guide the Legal 500 for our Corporate and Commercial expertise, as well as for related areas including Commercial Property, Commercial Litigation and Employment Law.

By getting a perfectly tailored company constitutional framework in place, we believe we can save you significant time and money in future, while leaving you perfectly placed to seize new opportunities and add real value to your business.

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Our company constitution advice services

Company formation/starting a business

When starting a new business, the number of things you need to sort out can seem endless. However, it really is essential that you go beyond just ticking all of those boxes and make sure everything is set up the right way for the specific needs of your company.

Our corporate lawyers can work closely with you to understand your business and your goals, then do all of the hard work to get you off the ground on a sound footing.

Find out more about our company formation expertise.

Shareholders’ agreements

The relationships shareholders have with a business and with each other are of vital importance. A good shareholders’ agreement will make clear everyone’s rights and responsibilities, as well as how decisions will be made. This means your company can operate effectively while minimising the risk of shareholder disputes.

Our corporate law solicitors can advise you on which issues your shareholders’ agreement needs to cover, then draft a clear, comprehensive document that works for your business.

Find out more about our shareholder agreements expertise.

Directors’ service agreements

The directors of a company carry a lot of responsibility, so it is important for the business and for individual directors to make sure the parameters of their roles are clearly defined.

Our Corporate Law team can advise on directors’ rights and responsibilities in relation to your business, then assist with drafting and reviewing directors’ service agreements to make sure they match the needs of the business and its directors.

Partnership and LLP agreements

Partnerships are one of the most common forms of business, but far too many partners fail to get clear agreements in place about their rights, responsibilities and how key decisions will be made.

Our corporate lawyers regularly advise partners on what to include in partnership and limited liability partnership (LLP) agreements, so can ensure you resolve these issues upfront, avoiding the potential for future problems.

Find out more about our partnership and LLP agreements expertise.

Articles of association

Articles of association are a legal requirement for limited companies, but they are more than just that. They set out the rules by which a company will be run, including the appointment of directors, the issuing of shares and procedures for board meetings. As such, it is really important that they be tailored to your business, rather than relying on a cut-and-paste template.

Our corporate law solicitors will work with you to understand the needs of your business and how you want things to operate. We will then help to create articles of association that don’t just meet all of the basic legal requirements, but also work for the realities of your company.

Company secretarial services

Companies have strict statutory compliance requirements they must meet, including around maintaining the company’s registers and annual filings. There are also many day-to-day issues that must be handled correctly, such as minuting board meetings and drafting board resolutions.

Our Corporate Law team offer a complete company secretarial service, helping our clients to maintain full regulatory compliance and ensuring all company business is carried out the right way, both legally and for the smooth operation of your organisation.

Corporate insolvency

Insolvency is a situation no business wants to face, but, if you find yourself in a potential insolvency situation, it is important to take swift and decisive action. By making the right choices at the right time, you may be able to save the business or at least minimise any negative fallout for the business’s employees, its creditors and yourself.

Our corporate law solicitors are highly experience in advising businesses at risk of insolvency or that have become insolvent. We can ensure you meet your legal obligations, while helping you to achieve the best possible outcome under difficult circumstances.

Employee share option schemes

Employee share option schemes can offer a fantastic incentive for recruiting and retaining top talent. However, they must be designed so as to protect the interests of the company, while reflecting the goal of rewarding your employees.

Our corporate law team can advise on how employee share option schemes operate and the right approach to use for your company. We can then get all of the necessary legal structures in place swiftly and efficiently.

Find out more about our employee share option schemes expertise.

Shareholder, board and partnership disputes

Disputes within a business can suck up a huge amount of time and energy, with the potential to seriously derail your organisation and affect your profitability. In the worst cases, they can lead to the exit of valuable people or even the failure of a business.

Our team is highly experience in working with a wide range of businesses to deal with internal disputes, with a strong track record of finding amicable solutions. We can give you the best chance of quickly resolving shareholder, board and partnership disputes in the best way for your business and for you as individuals.

Find out more about our expertise with shareholder disputes and partnership disputes.

Our company constitution advice fees

Cost is an essential issue to consider for any business and we want our fees and pricing structure to reflect this.

Where appropriate, we are able to handle some matters on a fixed fee or capped fee basis. This allows you to budget with precision.

For more complex matters where ongoing support is required, we will work to an agreed hourly rate dependent on the level of expertise needed. We will provide a clear cost estimate at the outset and any additional expenditure will be agreed in advance, so you always stay in control.

To find out more about our solicitors’ fees for company constitution advice and to request a cost estimate, please get in touch.

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