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We provide high-level strategic corporate law advice

Our corporate lawyers offer expertise underpinned by years of experience helping companies to achieve their goals at every stage of their business journeys.

Led by Partner and Head of Company Commercial Michael Budd, members of our team have worked with a diverse array of clients, from local SMEs to large corporations and global businesses, including handling complex, high value corporate transactions.

We are ranked by leading client guide the Legal 500 for our Corporate and Commercial expertise, as well as for related areas including Commercial Property, Commercial Litigation and Employment Law.

Our corporate law solicitors have expertise in matters includes:

We can also assist with all of your commercial law needs, including for commercial contracts and agreements and intellectual property law.

Taking a high level, strategic view, our team works closely with clients to understand their immediate and long-term objectives, so we offer more than just standard corporate law advice. This allows us to provide practical advice on the likely outcomes of the different decisions that companies must make and help to identify additional opportunities that may be available.

In the end, our approach is all about what will add the most real-world value for our clients, while addressing any particular issues they are facing. We are here to help you take advantage of your commercial opportunities, protect you from any legal risks and allow you to operate in the most profitable way possible.

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Our corporate law services

Buying or selling a business or assets

The decision to sell a business might be part of a planned exit strategy or something forced upon you by circumstances outside your control. In either eventuality, the right legal and strategic advice is critical to maximise what you can achieve from the sale.

Our corporate lawyers can assist with matters including:

  • Negotiating heads of terms and confidentiality agreements
  • Responding to buyer queries and due diligence
  • Drafting/reviewing contracts of sale for a business
  • Seller warranties and indemnities

Company share purchases and sales

Where you have a viable business, a company share sale is often the most advantageous way to buy or sell. This has the advantage of allowing the buyer to keep the business running and keep any contracts, employees and other assets of the business. However, it also means the buyer will take on any liabilities the business has, so careful consideration must be given to these issues by both buyer and seller.

Our corporate law team can assist with matters including:

  • Negotiating heads of terms for company share sales
  • Drafting contacts for company share purchases and reviewing acquisition agreements
  • Due diligence for company share purchases
  • Warranties and indemnities for company share purchases and sales

Business investments

Investing in a business can produce good returns, if you pick the right business and make the investment on the right terms. For businesses, receiving the right investment can be critical to helping you survive, grow or achieve other key objectives.

Our corporate law solicitors can advise on matters including:

  • Debt finance
  • Equity finance
  • Carrying out due diligence for business investors
  • Investment agreements
  • Amending company articles of association
  • The Enterprise Investment Scheme (EIS)
  • The Seed Enterprise Investment Scheme (SEIS)

Corporate financing

Getting the right business finance in place and ensuring that financing is structured in the most efficient way for your company can make the difference between the success or failure of an enterprise. Seeking specialist advice is, therefore, a must.

Our corporate lawyers can assist with matters including:

  • Raising capital
  • Company capital structures
  • Refinancing
  • Debt restructuring

Company constitutional matters

All limited liability companies must have articles of association and, for many companies, it is also advisable to have a shareholders’ agreement in place as well. These documents must be expertly drafted to ensure the business can operate effectively and to minimise the potential for internal disputes, so the right legal advice is key.

Our corporate law team can assist with matters including:

  • Company formation/starting a business
  • Shareholder agreements
  • Directors’ service agreements
  • Partnership and LLP agreements
  • Articles of association
  • Company secretary services
  • Share option schemes
  • Partnership disputes
  • Shareholder and board disputes

Business restructuring

Restructuring a business or business group is sometimes necessary to help you reduce liabilities, refocus or strengthen the business in other ways. Restructuring can be complicated, however, and so care must be taken to ensure everything is handled the right way and you are able to achieve the objectives you are aiming for.

Our corporate law solicitors can assist with matters including:

  • Restructuring businesses
  • Restructuring business groups
  • Demergers
  • Reductions of capital
  • Share buy backs

Our corporate law solicitors’ fees

Cost is an essential issue to consider for any business and we want our fees and pricing structure to reflect this.

Where appropriate, we are able to handle some matters on a fixed fee or capped fee basis. This allows you to budget with precision.

For more complex matters where ongoing support is required, we will work to an agreed hourly rate dependent on the level of expertise needed. We will provide a clear cost estimate at the outset and any additional expenditure will be agreed in advance, so you always stay in control.

To find out more about our corporate law fees and to request a cost estimate, please get in touch.

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To discuss your corporate law needs with our smart, highly experienced legal experts, please get in touch.

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