Promotion Agreements Solicitors

We create effective frameworks for landowners and developers

Many landowners wish to explore the development potential of their land assets, whilst developers routinely look to negotiate with rural landowners for development rights over their land.

Promotion agreements create a framework for landowners and developers to work together in securing planning permission prior to marketing and ultimately selling a site.  They allow landowners to realise the increase in land value that typically arises once planning consent is granted, whilst minimising their exposure to costs throughout the planning process.  Such agreements are increasingly popular.

Our specialist solicitors have worked with both landowners and developers to help them maximise the utility and value of their land assets.  We work with our clients and other professionals to navigate the constantly changing complexities of the rural planning process to maximise the prospects of delivering rural strategic land for development.

As a team we are experienced in helping landowners and developers reach agreement on complex promotion agreements.

Our commercial property solicitors help a wide variety of clients, including:

  • Rural landowners looking to finance development projects
  • Landowners and developers looking to negotiate terms for sale or purchase
  • Parties involved in disputes relating to rural promotion agreements.

When negotiating promotion agreements we carefully explore issues such as the degree of control and involvement both parties want in the project, continued rights to use land during the planning process, and the obligations to be placed on both parties.

Clients who work with Longmores to establish rural promotion agreements often also work with us to buy and sell commercial property or resolve their commercial property disputes.

Case Studies

  • Maximising client control in a promotion agreement ensuring that our client retained control over important aspects of the planning strategy and proposed scheme, without jeopardising the desired outcome for the promoter.
  • Negotiating a promotion agreement for a land-owning client of green belt land for possible residential development.


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