What a good family lawyer can and can’t do for you during a divorce

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The process of divorce or separation can be deeply emotional and stressful for all involved. But it doesn’t have to be. A good family lawyer will help you through the process in the most painless way possible. Whilst they cannot help you to overcome the problems in your marriage they can put you in touch with a marriage counsellor who can. A family lawyer is not qualified to provide counselling. If you decide that your marriage is at end, a good counsellor can also help you deal with the emotional fallout of the breakup. This will help you to think clearly and deal with the divorce in a civilised and reasonable way.

A good family lawyer can give you advice about how best to seek an amicable and practical solution in relation to the issues that arise from your breakup. Where there are children, they can give you advice regarding how to minimise the adverse effect of separation on them and achieve an outcome that is in their best interests. If necessary they will refer you to other experts to help you, as parents, deal with any issues that arise. For example, it may be necessary to involve an expert who specialises in family therapy or child psychiatry.

As to sorting out finances, a family lawyer will take time to understand what is important to you, advise you on the likely outcome and negotiate the best possible result for you. If necessary, they will involve other specialists to give their expert advice on the valuation of assets, the tax implications of a settlement, pensions, financial planning and investment. A family lawyer cannot give advice regarding such matters. In view of the discretionary nature of family law, they cannot guarantee a particular outcome for you, but can give you advice based on their legal and practical experience.

A good family lawyer will be accessible, efficient, keep you informed, communicate with you clearly and help you deal with your case in the most amicable, swift and cost effective way possible, putting the interests of children first. They cannot make your spouse or their lawyer deal with matters in the same way, but they can encourage them to do so.

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Please note the contents of this blog are given for information only and must not be relied upon. Legal advice should always be sought in relation to specific circumstances.