Remortgage Solicitors

We make remortgaging simpler while ensuring you get the best deal

Re-mortgages can be as complex as taking out an initial mortgage to purchase the property

You may seek to re-mortgage your home if your circumstances change: for example

  • Your current fixed-term mortgage deal is coming to an end,
  • You are looking to change mortgage lender,
  • You want to release equity (i.e. some of the difference between market value of the property and the mortgage balance outstanding) from your home,
  • You are able to secure a better interest rate or other terms
  • You wish to change the repayment method or timeframe

Our specialist property solicitors have years of experience and an impressive track record of helping individuals and families from all walks of life to re-mortgage their property quickly and smartly, with a minimum of fuss.

Our sophisticated case management system ensures that routine paperwork is handled in a timely manner so that our experts can remain focused on guiding you through the re-mortgage process.  We collaborate closely with your financial advisor and mortgage lender to complete the deal with minimum stress, maximum clarity and on the best terms possible.

Where complications arise, such as wills or tax issues, we have the necessary expertise within our firm to deal with them effectively.


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