Different Resolutions For a Different New Year?

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Richard Horwood considers, that in this ever changing time of uncertainty, even our New Year resolutions will be different.

January 2021 is upon us. The third national lockdown has been introduced. The weather is cold, the days are short.

It would be easy to focus on all the negatives that impact our everyday life at this time. However, as one of life’s optimists, I prefer to focus on the positives, and see the glass as being half full.

The beginning of a New Year can also be a time when people make resolutions about what they intend to achieve in the coming months. This might be “to eat more healthfully” or “to exercise more”. It may also be that you decide to make a resolution to put in place a new Will or Lasting Power of Attorney; getting your affairs in order is something that I have written about on many occasions before.

However, this year is different, so I wanted to write about something different.

As I began this article, I focussed on the doom and gloom surrounding us. However, we can all be thankful for the positives in our lives. In society today, it is easy to focus on the negatives, and a lot of press coverage focuses on those things as well. There can also be a tendency to focus on things we cannot control.

If 2020 has taught me anything, it is an importance of appreciating what you do have, whether that is family, friends, those you can turn to for support and, dare I say it, the importance of being able to continue to work. In this regard, technology has made life so much easier, although that has also brought its own challenges!

So as 2021 begins I find myself still wanting to make a resolution for the year. However, this time I am not going to focus on trying to achieve something, which may only last for a few months. Instead, my focus this year will be to appreciate those around me, the things that I do have and to focus on the good times ahead, which will get here eventually.

At the same time, as a leopard cannot change his spots, I will also make sure that my affairs are in order, and I would encourage you to do the same. If I can help in this regard, please do get in touch.

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