Business First spring 2020 (issue 37)

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The 2020 spring edition of Business First is out now including an article about family business disputes by John Wiblin, Partner and Head of Dispute Resolution, on page 24.

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Editorial introduction by Tim Trout
Forward thinking for challenging times

As we go to press, the Coronavirus crisis is causing unprecedented upheaval around the world. How long these challenges will last is unclear, which is why in our Spring Edition we are sharing ideas for today and the rest of the year.

With many businesses having to roll out home working at short notice, as well as maintain office presence, our article on building staff trust has never been more timely. And our piece on the benefits of a proper lunch could help many staff adapt productively to their surprise new setting.

Efficient collaboration is of course critical for businesses is good times as well as bad. So our review of the role of business email and newer collaborative tools could instigate new ways of working. Pieces on flexible co-working spaces and making the most of Instagram, meanwhile, all offer useful insights for a post-virus world where many businesses will be reinventing themselves.

Elsewhere, Business First Spring 2020 offers thought-provoking content to inspire action once the storm has passed. From how to better manage NDAs, Shareholder Agreements and Permitted Development applications through to family business dispute avoidance strategies – even Brexit. There’s lots here to help you shape your winning strategy now and into the future.

For advice about business disputes or personal disputes, get in touch with John Wiblin.