Tribunal Representation Solicitors

In most cases, the relationship between you and your employer will be perfectly good.  Sometimes, disagreements arise, disputes occur and the relationship breaks down.

Although they are thankfully infrequent, issues that trigger disputes can include unfair dismissal, discrimination and certain other problems, which could lead to an Employment Tribunal claim.

Our highly experienced team of specialist employment solicitors can help to assess the legal merits of your claim so you can make an informed decision as to the likelihood of success and we can have a practical, commercial conversation about the risks involved in proceeding.

Where it is possible, we aim to gain resolution of the issues by way of alternative approaches such as mediation.  The benefit is to save time in the long drawn-out tribunal process whilst securing the best outcome possible for you.

We always aim to present your case as strongly and clearly as possible, giving you the best likelihood of success at a tribunal hearing.

Case Studies

  • Advising an employee bringing an unfair dismissal claim against her employer. We helped our client argue that she had been unfairly dismissed and was discriminated against on the ground of pregnancy, sex and race. We were able to negotiate an appropriate settlement, before the claim reached tribunal, thus avoiding a costly seven day hearing.
  • Representing a former employee of a global oil and gas business at an employment tribunal, to pursue an unfair dismissal claim, based on grounds of sex discrimination and victimisation. We successfully represented her at an employment tribunal claim over the course of a five day hearing.


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