Termination and Settlement Agreement Advice for Employees

Settlement agreements can be used in a variety of employment disputes and usually result in the employee receiving a settlement (sometimes called a ‘severance package’) in exchange for the termination of their employment and the employee agreeing not to bring an employment claim.

They are typically attractive to both employers and employees as they allow disputes to be resolved quickly and cost-effectively.

Longmores Employment Law team is highly skilled in dealing with settlement agreements for employees, in particular for those in senior or management roles. With our support and advice, it is likely that you can secure improved terms from your employer. Where a settlement agreement cannot be reached, we can help you understand your options as to the next steps, which may include the possibility of making a claim to an employment tribunal.

Our team of highly experienced, specialist employment solicitors see many clients who have been presented with an offer of a severance package and an agreement that must be signed in order to receive payment.

We can examine the agreement with you to check that what has been offered is not only legally compliant but fair and reasonable in the circumstances. We can also consider and advise whether you may have a potential claim against your employer. In many cases, we are able to negotiate on your behalf to improve the terms offered.

Get expert help with settlement agreements for employees

Our settlement agreements solicitors can assist employees with:

  • Settlement negotiations and advice on whether to accept a settlement or negotiate improved terms
  • Reviewing the terms of settlement agreements offered by an employer
  • Taking employment disputes to an employment tribunal.

Work with industry-leading employment lawyers

Our employment lawyers consistently appear in the directories of leading practitioners and are ranked by the leading client guide, The Legal 500. This provides strong assurance that we offer an exceptional service.

The team is led by Joint Senior Partner Richard Gvero, who is closely supported by Associate Solicitor Miranda Mulligan. Both Richard and Miranda are individually recommended by The Legal 500.

Miranda and Richard are members of the Employment Lawyers Association (ELA), further emphasising their specialist expertise. Richard and Miranda are also accredited mediators.

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Settlement agreement FAQs

What are settlement agreements?

A settlement agreement is a legal agreement, in writing, between an employer and an employee or former employee. It involves the employee agreeing not to make an employment claim with regard to a specific issue, generally in exchange for a one-off payment.

Settlement agreements are a very commonly used method for resolving employment disputes. They can save both sides a lot of time, stress and legal costs compared to taking a dispute to an employment tribunal, where the outcome will always be uncertain.

Accepting a settlement agreement can be in your best interests as it can give you a guaranteed settlement without the time, cost and stress of tribunal proceedings. However, it is important to always take specialist advice before signing an agreement to make sure that the settlement offered is fair and reasonable.

Do you need legal advice before signing a settlement agreement?

Yes, you should always talk to a specialist employment lawyer before signing a settlement agreement.

You need to make sure you are fully aware of your rights and what you are entitled to before signing the agreement to make sure the settlement offered is fair. It is also important to understand the impact of any restrictions included in the agreement, e.g. if you are asked to sign a non-compete clause or non-disclosure agreement.

It is a legal requirement that you receive independent advice before signing the agreement, so your employer will usually pay for a solicitor to provide this to you.

Our fees

Getting the right legal advice when dealing with an employment dispute is always highly valuable. The right early advice can help to ensure you get the best possible settlement and minimise the risk of needing to refer matters to an employment tribunal. With this in mind, our team always ensure our costs are proportionate to the benefits we offer.

We are completely transparent with our fees, so you know exactly what your costs will be.

To find out more about the fees, our employment law services and to request a cost estimate, please get in touch.

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Case Studies

  • Representing a CEO of a major financial institution facing early termination. We negotiated an exit package on his behalf, focusing on matters involving age discrimination, unfair dismissal and contract issues. As a result, we were able to secure a severance in excess of £1.2m.
  • Helping a senior manager at a global publishing business reach a settlement agreement on the grounds of unfair dismissal, discrimination by reason of sex and disability, and unlawful deductions from wages following her allegations of bullying and harassing behaviour by her manager. We achieve a settlement agreement through conciliatory action prior to witness statements being exchanged, avoiding expensive litigation.


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