Supporters of Hertfordshire Festival of Music

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By Chris Pease, Joint Senior Partner

Longmores are supporting the Hertfordshire Festival of Music this year by sponsoring a reception to be held in February at Hertford Castle for the friends and supporters of the Festival.

The Festival puts on a series of classical music concerts during a week in June and has done so since 2016. This year’s Festival will be held from Friday 12 June to Saturday 20 June.

In recent years it has brought to Hertford some internationally renowned figures from the world of classical music and last year provided the first concert by a professional orchestra in Hertford for some 40 years.

If you are a classical music lover or indeed a music lover of any description who has wondered what classical music is like and whether you would enjoy it then the Festival presents the perfect opportunity to find out and to support an organisation which looks to spread its activities not just to the concert venues but to local schools and community organisations, this year for example with a theme of “Music Cares” seeking to engage with people in Hertfordshire living with dementia.