Remember – nothing is certain until you exchange contracts!

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We are all guilty of it.

We have found the property we want to buy and we just want to get on with organising our lives and buying furniture and other stuff to go in it. Even I have been guilty of buying curtains for a house on which I had not exchanged contracts – and I should know better!

Remember it is only when you exchange contracts that you know for certain you will be buying the property and the date on which you can move into it. And unfortunately you cannot just assume that the date you want to move will be the date everyone else does too if you are involved in a chain.

If you are renting the basic rule is do not give notice to bring your tenancy to an end until you have exchanged contracts and know a definite date when you can move into your new home.You do not want to end up homeless. And if you are booking holiday or organising trips away for either pleasure or business remember to consider whether they could clash with a moving date.

The conveyancing process is an uncertain one, and proposed dates for moving can change until contracts have been exchanged.

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