Brexit and the impact on farm payments

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Defra has just published a blog about the impact on farm payments if no Brexit deal is made. This is obviously a very unsettling time for farmers, many of whom currently receive the Basic Payment Scheme payments. Michael Gove has previously said that the new Agricultural Bill will not be published until September 2018 but it remains to be seen whether that timing will slip. Defra’s blog will therefore be considered with interest in the meantime.

The blog from Defra confirms that the UK Government will guarantee payments received by UK organisations funded through EU programmes, from now until the end of 2020, whether or not a deal is reached on Brexit. Anyone seeking such payments will still need to comply with the same standards as at present, including on-site inspections. The Government has also said it will continue to commit the same cash total in funds for farm support until the end of this parliament.

Whilst it is good to see that contingency plans are now being made in case of no Brexit deal being made in time, farmers will of course also be hoping that the final position is agreed and clarified soon.

For further information please contact Victoria Sandberg. Victoria is a Commercial Property solicitor at Longmores Solicitors LLP with a particular interest in rural land.

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