A Very Different Poppy Appeal

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The Poppy Appeal has long been a landmark event in the British calendar. You know it’s early November when you keep seeing the usually familiar site of The Royal British Legion selling poppies on the high street or the collection boxes left on shop counters.  In previous years, you may have seen them in reception at Longmores.  But not this year.

With England in a second lockdown it is going to be even harder for The British Royal Legion to raise their much needed funds in 2020.  Not only that, but any Remembrance Day celebrations are going to have to be either virtual or COVID secure this year.

We recognise that it is hard for all charities, not just The Royal British Legion.  A report in the charity sector say that 98% of charities are ‘somewhat’ or ‘very’ concerned about the impact of COVID-19 on their ability to raise funds.

How we are raising funds for the Poppy Appeal

So this year we are supporting the Poppy Appeal by adding a ‘poppy’ to our logo on our website. The stag will be proudly wearing the poppy for all of November.

As well as this year’s support for local charities through grants awarded by the Longmores Charitable Foundation, the firm has made a donation to The Royal British Legion.  We are also asking staff to consider a simple donation equivalent to what they would have spent on a poppy, a badge or a wristband, or to visit the Poppy Shop and perhaps buy something.

We hope our poppy wearing stag will encourage people to remember to make a donation too.  If you would like to donate to the Poppy Appeal, just visit The Royal British Legion website The Poppy Shop where you can also click through to their shop.

Make a Donation

The Poppy Shop