Server Down

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18th August: 4.30 pm

We are online

Everything is back to normal now and phones, email and systems are all working again.  Thank you for your patience with us today and we apologize again if you have had difficulty getting in touch.  Thank you also to the clever engineers who have got us back online.

18th August: 1 pm

Server down

Our apologies to anybody trying to get in touch with us today whilst we have an ongoing issue with our IT and phone systems.  The problem has been caused by a fire at our internet service provider so engineers are dealing with a very  unusual problem but are working as quickly as possible to get us back up and running.  We are currently trying to find a way to divert our phone system which also relies on an internet connection.  In the meantime, mobile phones are working so our solicitors have some access to emails and you will be able to call them directly.

We will let you know as soon as we are back online.