New divorce law to end the ‘blame game’

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The Government have today announced that divorcing couples will no longer have to blame each other for the breakdown of their marriage.

The move follows a public consultation where family justice professionals and others with direct experience of divorce lobbied for ‘no fault divorce’. It is expected that legislation will be introduced to Parliament in the next few months.

Tracey Dargan, Partner and Head of Divorce and Family Law, welcomes these proposals and the move towards ‘no fault divorce’.Tracey Dargan said:

‘As the divorce law stands, unless a couple have been separated for 2 years or more,then to obtain a divorce one party has to blame the other for the breakdown of their marriage, based on their behaviour or adultery. This can cause unnecessary acrimony and conflict. The introduction of a ‘no fault divorce’ will help to deal with the divorce process in the most humane way as is possible.Most importantly, where there are children, by removing the conflict between parents this will limit the impact that the divorce will have on them, which is hugely important’.

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