Harassment Solicitors

The “Me Too” movement has brought one type of harassment into the media spotlight.  However this is by no means the only example of harassing behaviour.  Others include making threatening phone calls or sending similar emails and stalking.  This is a complex area of the law.

A claim for harassment can be pursued in the civil courts regardless of whether the police have decided to prosecute or whether the alleged harasser has been found guilty in the criminal courts.

Our specialist team will take time to understand what has happened to you, what matters to you in resolving the problem and what kind of outcome you want to achieve.  We can then advise on your options and the likelihood of success in stopping the problem.

Where appropriate we help our clients to apply for a court order or injunction designed to prevent the person accused of harassment from continuing their actions.

Clients approach us for help with many different issues that may represent harassment including:

  • Harassment in the workplace, within the family, from landlords, or from public officials
  • Harassment on the grounds of gender, race, sexual orientation or other protected characteristics
  • Unwanted phone calls, letters, emails or cyber bullying
  • Stalking and physical intimidation
  • Verbal abuse and threats.

Regardless of the issue, we can offer clear and objective advice and guidance and will act robustly to support you in ensuring that the problem is resolved effectively and to your satisfaction so far as possible.

Case Studies

  • We obtained an injunction restraining our client’s former partner from coming within 10 meters of her or her home.
  • We acted for a business and its owner that were each subjected by a neighbour to a sustained campaign of false complaints to various local authorities about our client’s business practices and its owner’s personal actions.  We initially obtained an injunction preventing the making of false reports and then settled the dispute at mediation.


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