Whistleblowing Protection and Claims

Employees will sometimes become aware of serious wrongdoing in their place of work.  That might include systemic breaches of Health and Safety or other regulations.

Many would-be whistleblowers are uncertain of their rights and are fearful of recriminations.

Our experienced team of specialist employment lawyers can advise you on the correct way to bring any wrongdoing to the attention of your employer and to put on record your concerns.  Where these are not acted upon, we can advise on further options and next steps.

We can also help you to understand the protection you have under the law from dismissal, unfair selection for redundancy or victimisation and ensure that you are afforded these.

Case Studies

  • Advising in relation to sex discrimination related whistleblowing and victimisation claims.  Dealing with the grievance process and helping achieve settlement and avoiding litigation.
  • Advising in relation to whistleblowing claims by a director concerning alleged financial irregularity and successfully defending the claims at a seven day tribunal hearing.


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