Termination and Settlement Agreements for Employees

Employers may seek to offer an employee termination or severance terms for a variety of reasons.  In most cases, it is not feasible simply to negotiate a return to work on your former terms; indeed it may not be desirable to do so. Negotiating a severance package allows you to move on and make a new start elsewhere.

With our support and advice, it is likely that you can secure improved terms from your employer.  Where a settlement agreement cannot be reached, we can help you understand your options as to next steps, which may include the possibility of making a claim in the Employment Tribunal.

Our team of highly experienced, specialist Employment solicitors see many clients who have been presented with an offer of a severance package and an agreement that must be signed in order to receive payment.

We can examine the agreement with you to check that what has been offered is not only legally compliant but fair and reasonable in the circumstances. We can also consider and advise whether you may have a potential claim against your employer.  In many cases, we are able to negotiate on your behalf to improve the terms offered.

Case Studies

  • Representing a CEO of a major financial institution facing early termination. We negotiated an exit package on his behalf, focusing on matters involving age discrimination, unfair dismissal and contract issues. As a result, we were able to secure a severance in excess of £1.2m.
  • Helping a senior manager at a global publishing business reach a settlement agreement on the grounds of unfair dismissal, discrimination by reason of sex and disability, and unlawful deductions from wages following her allegations of bullying and harassing behaviour by her manager. We achieve a settlement agreement through conciliatory action prior to witness statements being exchanged, avoiding expensive litigation.


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